The great job of our Technical Commission

A big thanks to our Technical Commission: Thank you for your great work!

It will seems silly to thank the Technical Commission of PGDay.IT 2017 for the work done, but we are sure it’s necessary because we are aware we gave them a very difficult task.

As you know, 41 talk proposals were sent for PGDay.IT 2017 and all have interesting technical content.

As organisers, we have decided to offer the best to the participants of PGDay.IT 2017, so we decided to sacrifice the Recruiting Session. It was a tough decision to make, but the talks received deserved this sacrifice.

The result is that we will have 16 amazing speakers who will present 8 talks in English and 8 talks in Italian. We couldn’t wish for anything better!

Anyone who has seen or is looking at the Schedule already on line, will be wondering: but who will give the Keynote?

We, the organising committee, are working on this and we are sure it will be a great surprise!

We invite everyone to follow us in the next few days, because we’ll give more information about the Talks and Speakers that will be present at PGDay.IT 2017 and you will find out who will give the Keynote. A bit of suspense is necessary, don’t you think?

We want to send a warm thanks to each member of our Technical Commission:

  • Gabriele Bartolini
  • Denis Gasparin
  • Torello Querci
  • Emanuele Zamprogno

See you in Milan on October 13th!

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