PGDay and PGConf: The spirit of volunteers


Looking at the PostgreSQL website in the Events section, it is clear that there is great movement around the organization of PGDay and PGConf events around the world.

Volunteers everywhere spend their time organising events dedicated to PostgreSQL, driven by the desire to divulge information and knowledge about PostgreSQL.

There is so much work behind every conference that is not often seen by those outside the organizing committee. From the search for interesting talks and speakers that arouse interest in the audience, to looking for partners that support the event (that otherwise would not be possible without sponsors), to choosing a location that is easy to reach and provides all the necessary services - there are many factors to making the event a success. Not to mention, the organisation of pg_beer and training. Organisational activities and frequent communication requires volunteers who have extra time available to work on the event organisation.

All of this is very exciting!

But the good result of the event is never guaranteed.

During the organisation of PGDay.IT we have had a great experience through sharing information with other volunteers from other countries and we believe it is a part of the spirit of the community.

For example, for PGDay Australia 2017, that will be held on November 17th in Melbourne, we volunteered to help with the event website. Seeing it, it is obvious there are similarities.

For PGBR 2017 The Brazilian PostgreSQL Conference, that will be held from September 14th to September 16th in Porto Alegre, there is not something tangible as with PGDay Australia, but the sharing of experiences and sharing our difficulties about organising an event has been useful to both communities. Conversations have happened because one of the volunteers working for PGBR2017 is an active member of our ITPUG association.

Some of the members of the ITPUG association are also part of other communities, and the most popular is PostgreSQL Europe, which organises every year. An annual and itinerant event around Europe, that will be held this year in Warsaw from October 24th to October 27th. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the European Community Council, especially Guillaume Lelarge, PostgreSQL Europe Treasurer, who was available to answer our questions, providing us with all the information we needed.

Our desire would be to consider hosting in Italy and work together again to host a joint event, but that is another story.

The organisers of this conference and the many others scheduled are hard at work, giving the best of of themselves to making interesting events with PostgreSQL as the real star of the show.

As volunteers of ITPUG we are working on the 11th edition of PGDay.IT, trying to maneuver around custom registration requests, media partner proposals and press releases, partnership proposals of new and historic companies, the pg_beer organization and much more. We salute all the volunteers in the world who are experiencing a frenzy such as ours, working hard to give life to interesting events that are worthy of an audience.

Open Source: It is not just code!

We can’t wait to see you in Milan on October 13, 2017 to celebrate PostgreSQL 10 and ten years of ITPUG activity.

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