R3 GIS – New Partner of PGDay.IT

We are very proud to announce that we have a new Partner: R3 GIS Srl

Historically, a company connected to the Open Source world and this is the first time that R3 GIS Srl is a Partner of PGDay.IT

We hope this is is only the beginning!

We asked Paolo Viskanic, CEO of R3 GIS, for a comment about why he thought it appropriate for R3 GIS Srl to be a Partner of the PGDay.It 2017.

This is his answer:

“Because R3 GIS has always used and promoted open source software components. PostgreSQL and PostGIS are key components of our applications.

R3 GIS participates to several open source projects.

Keeping a community alive around open source projects is definitely a great commitment, which must be supported also economically.”

About R3 GIS Srl GmbH

R3 GIS develops Web and mobile GIS applications to manage and update different types of assets: urban green areas, buildings, road infrastructure and ski areas.

Products and services are mainly targeted at central public administrations and service companies.

Our products have a web component, a geographic interface and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

Currently over 1000 municipalities and companies in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Poland use R3 GIS applications to manage their assets.

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