Subito: Speaker in 2015, Partner in 2017

We are very proud to announce that we have a new Partner: Subito

In 2015, Subito introduced their database architecture based on PostgreSQL, representing one of the most interesting use case that will be at PGDay.IT with numbers such as: “1,500,000 unique visitors, 60,000,000 pages visited per day, 150,000 new ads published”, numbers like these are the best promotion for PostgreSQL.

hank you very much for joining us!

Inevitably, we can expect a lightning talk from you, right?

We asked Marco Cupidi, CTO in Subito, for a comment on why he thought it appropriate to be a Partner of PGDay.IT 2017.

This is his answer:

Subito has made PostgreSQL an indispensable component of its architecture.

We believe that PGDay is a fundamental meeting to share experiences and keep us update.

We want to be there and we want to support ITPUG for the valuable work they are carring out.“

About Subito?

Founded in 2007 in Milan, Subito is the company owning Subito’s digital platform. Subito aims to offer the easiest, fastest and safest buying and selling online service to make good deals through service’s efficiency and quality and variety of the offer.

With over 5 million ads in 37 different product categories diversified per geographical locations, more than 8 million unique users monthly and over 45 million page views daily, Subito is the first classified service and is among the top six most visited websites in Italy (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience 2016 average).

Subito is part of Schibsted Media Group, a Norwegian multinational company founded in 1839. The Group has 6,900 employees and operates successfully in 29 Countries in publishing (newspapers, TV and free press), digital (news and classified ads) and mobile (services) markets.

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