PGDay.IT Partnership: Miriade

We are very proud to announce that another historic Partner is still with us: Miriade

In 2013, Miriade has done the first appearance alongside PGDay.IT and since then, at each edition Miriade is with us.

Thanks for being still part of the PGDay.IT!

We asked Maurizio Novello, CEO di Miriade, for a comment about whyhe thought it appropriate for Miriade to be a Partner of the PGDay.It 2017.

This is his answer:

“We have been supporting ITPUG for several years, because we strongly believe in open innovation and in the importance of being part of a community of enthusiasts who work to make technology more accessible.

We look forward to discovering all about the appointment in Milan!“.

About Miriade

Miriade is an IT consulting firm committed to cultivate the culture of change and specialized in middleware, cloud and machine learning solutions.

The company is composed by group of digital natives who play in a world that moves fast and who change the rules of the game when it’s necessary to face new challenges.

Miriade believes in the value of beauty and invest in its territory in order to have a positive impact on its community.

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