20tab: new Partner of PGDay.IT

New Partner for PGDay.IT but not new for PostgreSQL: a warm welcome to 20tab.

We asked Gabriele Giaccari, co-founder of 20tab with Roberto De Ioris and Raffaele Colace, for a comment about whyhe thought it appropriate for 20tab s.r.l. to be a Partner of the PGDay.IT 2017.

This is his answer:

“20tab has used Postgres in every project since its foundation, in 2012, for private customers, public administration and internal projects.

This choice has always given us great satisfaction and we try to use this tool in its most advanced form, such as its recent implementations for full-text search.

We have always been trying to make our contribution to the community both sharing knowledge and providing economical support.”

Thanks for being part of the PGDay.IT!

About 20tab

The 20tab team deals mainly with software development in python for large corporations or international organizations.

Ideal continuation of the path taken by its mother company Unbit, with products such as uWSGI and UnrealEnginePython, is also very active in training and in gaming and 3D simulation.

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