Call for Papers is closed!

The time to respond to Call for Papers is over!

Call for Papers for PGDay.IT 2017 losed at midnight on July 23, 2017.

We thank all those who have submitted their talk proposals, there are so many.

Just to give you some more information, we can say that we received 41 proposals, in Italian and in English languages.

And all proposals are very interesting, with high technical contents.

Thank you all!

The next step belongs to the Technical Commission, consisting of:

  • Gabriele Bartolini
  • Denis Gasparin
  • Torello Querci
  • Emanuele Zamprogno

They will have a tough job. They will have to choose from all the proposals received, which will be the most interesting for the attendees of PGDay.IT 2017.

Good luck to our fantastic Technical Commission!

And … We ask you not to leave us in suspense for too long.

All of us are awaiting the first draft of the schedule for October 13th.

See you in Milan!

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