ITPUG - Italian PostgreSQL Users Group is a no-profit association for the promotion, spreading and protection of Free Software (FLOSS) in Italy. In particular, the ITPUG association promotes the adoption of PostgreSQL (, one of the most successful open source projects. The association was born in Prato (PO) on November 17, 2007, shortly after the first edition of PGDay.IT. For more information about the ITPUG association, please write to [email protected]

PGDay.IT 2017 Organisers

Marco Nenciarini

Presidente Associazione ITPUG

Matteo Beccati

Vice-Presidente Associazione ITPUG

Patrizia Dabizzi

Tesoriere Associazione ITPUG

Barbara Milani

Segretario Associazione ITPUG

Giuseppe Broccolo

Consigliere Associazione ITPUG

Technical Commission

Gabriele Bartolini

Denis Gasparin

Torello Querci

Emanuele Zamprogno

Website developers

Marco Nenciarini

Matteo Pasquini

Paolo Dina

Barbara Milani

Rubens Souza