Dear Boss, I would like to attend PGDay.IT


I suppose that most of us have happened to receive a “no” from our boss to our request to attend important conferences that would improve our skills, such as PGDay.IT.

Before we decide to take some days off, buy the ticket and so on, maybe we should ask if we best argued our request.

So, what is better than a good e-mail to our boss?

Subject: Dear Boss, I would like to attend PGDay.IT 2017

Dear Boss, I am writing to you about a training and networking opportunity that will increase my skills, bringing great value to our organization.

I understand that there are always budget constraints, but I firmly believe that this conference can bring many advantages in respect to the price of a ticket.

PGDay.IT is an event organized by the Italian PostgreSQL Association (ITPUG - ITalian PostgreSQL Users Group), and has reached its eleventh edition. It will take place in Milan on October 13, 2017.

Here there are a couple of the main reasons why I would like to participate:

  • Italian and European speakers will participate to share their skills and knowledge.

  • Technical presentations will go deeper into the kind of problems that companies face while implementing PostgreSQL.

There are so many benefits for the company that will come of my participation in PGDay.IT 2017. Starting with the fact that I will share the know-how that I will acquire about PostgreSQL, the opportunity to interact with other participants and with speakers so as to solve some of the issues we are facing in order to reach our goals quickly and consciously.

In addition my participation, this can be seen as an integral part of the training plan that the company is obliged to give.

But the most important note is the economic advantage of the adoption of PostgreSQL by reducing the licensing costs that today prevent us from investing in research and development, enabling us to be more competitive on the market.

You can find out more information looking at the conference web site at

If I sign up now, we can receive the Early Bird fee, valid until September 15 (47 € instead of 95 €)

I think this is really a great opportunity for our organization.

Thank you in advance for your attention and I look forward for your approval of my participation at PGDay.IT.

I suggest: Before September 15th would be perfect and we have only 4 days

Best regards,


See you in Milan on October 13th, 2017

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