A new Partner to support PGDay.IT: Metodo

Thanks to the adoption of Open Source, Metodo is a successful company and recognises in PostgreSQL one of its competitive advantages.

We asked Franco Violi, Direttore di Metodo, for a comment about whyhe thought it appropriate for Metodo Srl to be a Partner of the PGDay.It 2017.

This is his answer:

“Metodo is Partner of PGDay.IT because they believe that PostgreSQL is one of the elements that most contributed to the success of their application solutions.”

A warm welcome to Metodo and thank you join us!

About Metodo

Metodo has been an IT Company in the market for over thirty years. In the second half of the 1990s Metodo realized the impact that the open source development model would have on the market of applications and operating systems, adopting the first versions of the Linux operating system as their server technology.

Since 2001, Metodo solutions has also extended to desktop and is currently used on over 1200 jobs.

They develop OpenMetopack’s management software, and coupled with the Linux platform stability, it is a great integrated solution for both Enterprises and Associations with a capacity of over 500 installations.

The SQL database is PostgreSQL.

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