Opportunities must be taken and never missed.


EuroPython is a fantastic European and evolving event dedicated to Python. The 2017 edition is taking place in Rimini.

Everyone knows that PostgreSQL and Python have a lot in common and often go hand in hand.

Why we are talking about EuroPython in PGDay.IT’s blog?

Marco Nenciarini, President and Founding Member of ITPUG, a historical member of the 2ndQuadrant team, is present at the event and he thought it was a good idea to present a lightning talk about the PostgreSQL Community and, in particular, about the upcoming events organised by some community groups: PGDay.IT 2017 and PGConf.EU 2017

Will our hero succeed in attracting the attention of 1,500 pythonistas present at the event?

We’ll see! What’s certain is that, thanks to the postponement of the deadline of Call for Papers of PGDay.IT, new talk suggestions are coming from members of the Python community who are present at EuroPython. Is it possible that we run the risk of having to schedule 3 tracks?

We have a great President!

Lightning talk: PostgreSQL needs you! - slides here

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