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Organising PGDay.It requires dedication and hard work by volunteers who are part of the non-profit association ITPUG.

Like every conference, there are many things to organise and prepare in order to run the event and exceed expectations.

But the hard work and commitment of volunteers is not enough to make PGDay.It great for its participants, like any other community event, PGDay.IT also has its Partners. Companies that have supported the event from the beginning and new companies that today recognise a viable alternative in PostgreSQL to commercial DBMSs.

Without this ecosystem, not only would it not be possible to organise PGDay.IT and any other event in the world dedicated to PostgreSQL, but even the project itself probably wouldn’t be the same as it is today.

But what are the benefits for the Partners who support PGDay.IT?

  • Visibility within the Open Source world, which is, nowadays, more and more appealing to companies looking for solutions that make them more competitive in their market.

  • Increasing their PostgreSQL skills. PGDay.IT is not a commercial event but a technical one. It also allows Partners to have the right knowledge that enables them to set up a medium to long term strategy based on PostgreSQL’s technical novelties.

  • Your company is already part of the PostgreSQL ecosystem and you support it through the delivery of services, members of your team are also PostgreSQL core developers that also develop PostgreSQL satellite projects or offer a commercial fork with features not in PostgreSQL.

Are you and your company willing to miss this opportunity? More details are available here.

In addition to all that, the 2017 edition is twice as important for the Italian community, with the number 10 marking two very important occasions:

  • Release 10 of PostgreSQL
  • ITPUG is celebrating its 10 year anniversary

So we have a lot to celebrate and the participants, partners and speakers will be greeted with the enthusiasm of the ITPUG volunteers to celebrate the no. 10 together!

See you on October 13th in Milan at Fondazione Stelline.

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