Exceptional Keynote for PGDay.IT 2017

We are very excited to announce the opening Keynote for PGDay.IT 2017: Krzysztof Nienartowicz - Gaia

Thank you for joining us! We look forward to being there!

Krzysztof is a leader of Gaia Data Processing Centre in Geneva which is part of European Space Agency Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium.

His journey with increasingly challenging projects started at the end of his studies where he had a chance to work around biggest econometric time series data at the time in the US, UK and Poland (1996).

Attracted by the biggest world scientific-database then, he joined Database group at CERN in Geneva (2001) where he was co-author of the largest data migration, producing the largest scientific relation database that had been running at CERN.

After joining Gaia group in Geneva as data architect (2008), he has been responsible for all aspects of the platform to derive useful scientific results from one of the most data-demanding ESA projects.

Keynote abstract

Gaia is a cornerstone ESA space mission to craft the most precise three-dimensional map of our Galaxy for decades to come.

The talk will describe how the Postgres and its ecosystem enabled large-scale with Variability Studies at Gaia Data processing Centre in Geneva in the context a new wave of cutting-edge astronomical missions producing petabyte-scale results.

Ideas behind data model, iterative process, international collaboration while dealing with multibillion-sized sets will be outlined as well as architectural challenges and choices.

I will also give insight on our experience with Postgres-XL, scalable Postgres incarnation that we have been supporting from its inception and how the perseverance pays off.

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