Ispirer Systems: Partner of PGDay.IT

We are very happy to announce that another Partner decides to support PGDay.IT: Ispirer Systems

Thank you for joining us!

We asked Yury Jhol, Chief Technical Officer of Ispirer Systems, for a comment about why he thought it appropriate for Ispirer Systems to be a Partner of the PGDay.It 2017.

This is his answer:

Ispirer Systems would like to demonstrate to PGDay.IT participants our solution for automated migration to PostgreSQL from various databases.

We help customers all over the world to move their systems to new environment saving their time and efforts.

We are proud to be a Partner of PGDay.IT and would like to play one of the key roles in PostgreSQL expansion in Italy.“

About Ispirer Systems

Ispirer Systems is a leader in database and application migration, which helps every organization in the world to keep up with modern technologies.

Ispirer Systems provides innovative software solutions and services for automated cross-platform migration of databases and human-written program code.

We are here to make the migration process easier, faster and cheaper.

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