pg_beer - Social Event - October 12th, 2017

Old Fox Pub: October 12th, 2017, time 20:00

The opportunity to be together before PGDay.IT. The menu includes hamburgers and two drinks. But do not worry: you have a lots of choice available and you can do it directly in the Pub. If you want to get an idea, we give you the possible options below.

Spicy Burger 150gr

Bbq sauce, pink sauce, crunchy speck, gherkins, lettuce, tomato.

Bacon Cheese Burger 150gr

Mustard, grilled bacon, double cheese, lettuce, onion.

Eggs Burger 150 gr

Hamburger, cheese, fried eggs, onion and tartar sauce.

Lu-Rid Burger 150gr

Bbq sauce, tabasco, lettuce, cheese, peppers and salted onions.

Hamburger Classico 150 gr

Cheese, mayo, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, onion.

Lamb Burger 150 gr

Lamb meat, cream cheese, caramel peppers, rosemary.

M.O.B. More Onion Burger 150 gr

Bbq, onion rings, bacon, cheese and lettuce.

Veggie Burger

Soy burgers, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, gherkins.

Old Fox Pub

Piazza S. Agostino 1, Milano

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